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            This is my essay on what I would have placed in my bag. I would have placed several items in my bag. This is what I decided I would have placed in my bag. I would have placed some items dealing with meteorology and tools used to help study meteorology. I would have place some items in the bag dealing with percussion and also I would have put some items in the bag about karate and boxing.
             I like meteorology. It is a very interesting subject. Meteorology is the study of atmospheric conditions and the affects it has on people. Most people are familiar with meteorology dealing mainly with weather. Weather forecasting is a great hobbie that I have. I have been at forecasting the weather for many years now. About since I was eight. I got big interest in the weather after the big storm of 93". That is the main storm that really got me interested. I really enjoy looking at the computer models and the weather. It is a very intriguing subject.
             I also like percussion. Percussion is very different and different instruments are percussion. Percussion instruments are the most popular instruments in the band. There could not be a band functioning well without the percussion instruments. My favorite are the drums and I like to play them, and I have gotten pretty good since I started 6 years ago.Percussion is something I urge everyone to get involved with to be very musically coordinated.
             Finally I think I would have put in something dealing with Karate. I took karate several years earlier in my life. I enjoyed doing karate to. I learned how to take care of myself with karate and to be able to defend myself. Karate is an excellent activity to take and to master very early in life as that's when the mind is just write for that period of time. Karate really also helps a lot of people with organizing and preparing a student for school and life itself. This is also very much recommended. .
             So in conclusion I would have placed a variety of things in my bag, that describe something about me.

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