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The Mentor in Me

            I remember being a cheeky seventh-grader when the post of 'Mentor' was added to the Prefect Body-back in the year 2009. Abdullah bhai was the first in the list of many who came after-and yet to come, In Shaa Allah. I would not feel any shyness to declare that yes, he was an ideal-the main reason behind the idealization being the fact that his juniors could always contact him without any inhibitions, me myself being one of the many who would approach him quite frequently.
             Now before I proceed, there is some background that I want you to know. I joined Generation's in the fourth grade. My first year in the system was quite majestic. If this conjures up an image involving entourages or other similar stuff, it is not entirely wrong. Almost always I was surrounded by a bunch of students-of my own batch. But the majesty does not end here-the actual majesty lay in the fact that my fame spread throughout like Ebola, me becoming the most popular person in no time (a study contrary to my popularity level today). In those times, the Junior Section consisted of the third, fourth and fifth grades, and the Junior Prefects were students from the fifth grade. The next year, when I reached grade five, almost everyone knew that I would become the prefect from my house, which was back then, Iqbal (I had it changed to Syed in the eighth grade-a dream that I had since entering Generation's). The school's decision of not selecting me in the Prefect Body was a setback to all boys and especially my batch-mates, who, as a protest, refused to obey any instructions given by the girl who was selected instead of me.
             "It's just my second year at Generation's", I told myself. "I'll be the Head boy one day.".
             History repeated itself in the ninth grade-this time the pain of not being selected in the Middler Section Prefect Body was intensified further by the fact the I was not even nominated for the post, whereas one of the nominees was a student with a couple of detentions and a suspension to his name.

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