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Although Painful

            Although painful, experiences can sometimes teach valuable lessons. I've had a few of these lessons thought to me thought a painful experience. The smallest of accidents can teach a man and also change one to what he may become. I will give you some of my experiences that I went through that have thought me lessons. Some of my experiences are very painful and some are lessons taught to me at a cost.
             Flipping over my truck an example of one of my painful experiences. This experience could have been prevented if only I had not turned my back on God, but as we know one thing leads to another. I will talk about the God problem and how it started later. I learned that since I'm the driver I should have more control of what and where we go, but this day I didn't do that. A group of my friends, I have two groups a group for me to get lose and do crazy stuff and the other of goodie goodies, decided to go in my truck and do 180's. 180's are done usually on a dirt road or a slippery pavement, you take your vehicle and go around 15-30mph and pull on the emergency brake and turn your steering wheel as far as you can to your passengers side. If your vehicle is top-heavy guess what, you will flip over. That's what happened to us, the truck fell on its side and we were hanging by our seatbelts. This was scary as hell, I broke three fingers and each finger was broken in at least 2 places. I learned to ever let a passenger or myself do a stupid thing like that ever. That's when I learned about my father illness.
             Before my father death and after I had learned about his illness I started to weave away from God, I would ask him why he had brought this curse on my father he was the head-deacon for crying out loud. My father was sick for a good while, I attended church on an off, when my father died I stopped going. Church was not for me any more, my father was dead and the church was empty with out him, I told my self I would not return to church until I found a good reason to go.

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