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            I have studied the crucifixion for years even preached two or three sermons. I now known what it is meant when Jesus, was made to carry his cross.or what the actual crucifixion really consisted of. it was the TRUTH! I needed to know what Jesus really endured an innocent man. I cannot believe how much pain & suffering he took. This film puts into real human emotions what the words in black and white on a page has never done. The Last Supper scene especially touched me and how it related to Jesus actually giving His life for us, his friends. It made me realize - to love as He loved us - are huge shoes to fill and how could his disciples be so uncaring. We have study the life of his disciples and the miracles that were performed. I had no ideal what I was going see. I said to myself just another Jesus movie. I realize now, no matter how Isaiah 52:14 say that He was beaten beyond recognition. I have a whole new meaning of beyond recognition and "by His stripes, we are healed" I am speechless, I thought it was the most spectacular film I have seen. I have been Betrayed or Hurt or how I have suffered in my life, but what Jesus went through it so much worse.for me.for us! Most of my peers say it was it "too violent".it was the truth and it needed to be told! It was not the Jews who killed Jesus; it was all of us. I hope they understand this. It was so intense. It opened my eyes to what Jesus went through for all of us and made me realize that I should be more thankful for what He did for us so we would be forgiven of our sins. To see that a sinless man could be willing to go through the torture and the beating and the whipping then hang on the cross for us made me wake up more spiritually. It brought tears to my eyes. I have seen many stories about Jesus but never has one touched me the way this movie did. I firmly believe that this movie will touch the hearts of believers everywhere and will bring non-believers closer to God.

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