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Henry VIII

             Henry VIII was born June 28, 1491 - January 28, 1547.
             The city/country he was born in was Greenwich, England.
             Henry VIII challenge was to have a male heir for his throne. This was a long and hard journey for Henry. His first wife was Catherine d'Aragon, they had 6 children (which was all girls) he had given up and Catherine was shortly divorced, the Pope didn't conform this so Henry broke from the Catholic Church which brought the church if England back to power. He quickly wed to Anne Boleyn and had one child, Elizabeth I. His marriage with Anne Boleyn lasted 3 years and had been divorced because of unfaithfulness.
             After being married to Anne, he wed once more to Jane Seymour and she gave him his first male child name Edward VI but unfortunately, Jane died during the childbirth. After the death of her he went to seek yet another wife and wed with Anne of Cleves, a German princess but immediately divorced her when he found her unattractive. Next he married Catherine Howard but she was beheaded. Henry's final wife was Catherine Parr, who had stayed with Henry till his death in 1547.
             An interesting fact about Henry VII is that he is remembered today as the man with 6 wives.
             And also Henry's life wasn't always about finding the right wife, he also approved and publish the Bible written in English.
             Henry VII contributed in our modern world today as the man who has the first English Bible published.

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