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Henry the 8th

             Although Henry the 8th lived during the Renaissance period he has still managed to maintain his status of infamy. There were many different reasons he made his everlasting impression in history. The ways he lived and the predictable things he did made him a unique leader. He was especially well known for his history of decapitating his wives and having an inconsistent love interest. Throughout Henry's life and reign he had a total of six wives, all with their own defining characteristics and trademarks. .
             On June 7th at the age 17 and the beginning of Henry's reign he married Catherine of Aragon in the private chapel of Placentia at Greenwich. Catherine was the daughter of Ferdinand and Isabella, the King and Queen of Spain. This marriage helped the ties between England and Spain as most royal marriages were planned and used for. Love usually had nothing to do with royal marriages which made this one special. According to most sources, Henry VIII truly cared about Catherine, especially with her being his first love. Before being married they needed the pope's approval because of their relation. Catherine was Henry's sister in law at one point but with the church's approval it could be possible. Because of the church's corruption and twisted reasoning the marriage was condoned. .
             Back then a very important part of royal marriages was passing on their blood and creating heirs. Childbirth at this period of time wasn't as simple as it is now therefore making it harder to keep a child. Finally, Catherine had a child but it was a girl which to him wasn't very useful because of the prejudice towards women at that time. The child's name was Mary Tudor or later known as Queen Mary I. Rather than making their relationship stronger and growing closer it pushed them apart. While they were still married he started becoming interested in one of her maid servants Anne Boleyn. She was known for her three breasts and six fingers on each hand.

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