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Queen Elizabeth

             Queen Elizabeth the 1st was born on the 7th of September, 1533 in Greenwich Palace on the Thames River in England. Her parents were Anne Boleyn and King Henry the 8th. Anne Bolyen was Henry's dead brother's wife. Henry later executed Anne although they were very much in love with her. It is believed that he executed her because she could not produce a son and Henry thought the gods were punishing him for marrying his deceased brothers wife but he charged her with treason on an overheard conversation where she said quote, "you just want to be in the kings shoes".
             Elizabeth's childhood was peculiar but not for those times. She was given and good education by brilliant young humanists from Cambridge. She was a highly intelligent and studious young girl, she had an exceptional knowledge of language, history and geography. .
             Elizabeth's childhood was marked with political and religious decisions .
             When Elizabeth was about twenty years old her half brother Edward IV became king. he died in 1547, and that's when Mary Tudor, also known as bloody mary, became queen. Elizabeth tried not to get to involved in politics during Mary's reign but certain conspiracies arose and Elizabeth was locked in the tower of London.
             When Mary was six her mother , Anne Bolyen, was charged with treason and executed and at the age of fourteen her father died also.
             When Elizabeth turned twenty five she was crowned queen of England.
             During her reign Elizabeth attacked and defeated the Spanish Armada. Elizabeth stabilised England.
             She only retired when she died which was in 1603.
             Elizabeth never married, although it can't be argued with that she didn't have certain love affairs with certain people , such as Sir Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester. Their constant flirtations and meetings seemed and issue but she set aside her love in a non-politically beneficial marriage. She used her single status as a foreign policy tool.

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