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             "Power, however it has evolved, whatever its origins, will not be given up with out a struggle". This quote, said by Suhlamith Firestone, is very true in regards to the women's liberation movement and abortion. In 1995 Laura Kaplan wrote The Story of Jane, a compellation of personal stories, including her own, about Jane, an underground abortion counseling service during the late 1960s and early 1970s. After reading a short excerpt from it, I feel that Laura makes a strong, effective argument that persuades the audience abortions should be placed in the hands of the woman. Her points were very clear and easy to comprehend. She states her beliefs in an effective, personal manner and does not add superfluous points that hinder her argument. Laura wrote this personal story about her involvement in Jane, and other women's accounts, to remind both men and women about the abortion issue during the women's rights movement. Abortion is an exceptionally controversial issue, but through her appeals to ethos, due to her experience and knowledge, pathos, due to her use of strong, empowering words, and logos, due to the argument's organization, Kaplan presents a gripping argument that women deserve the freedom of choice, and even more importantly, the right to take control their lives.
             No matter the prevailing legal status or public attitude toward the abortion procedure, females have obtained abortions to remove their unwanted fetus. During the 1950s, even when abortion was illegal, U.S. public-health experts estimated that as many as one million criminal abortions were performed each year (Bullock 3). At this time up until 1973, when abortion was legalized, Jane was a referral to an underground abortion provider. The main purpose of the organization was to provide information and help to women seeking an abortion, but in the last four years of its existence the "100 members of the group performed 11,000 abortions without any facilities"(Wolfensberger, 2).

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