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High School Mentality Versus College Mentality

             High School Mentality Versus College Mentality.
             The mentality of a high school student and the mentality of a college student differ greatly. .
             Most high school students prefer fun to good grades, whereas, most college students know when .
             to buckle down and hit the books. Once in college, most people are not living out of their parent's .
             pockets. They also have a better understanding of the, "real world." They generally know were .
             they want to go with their lives and what they need to do to get to that particular location. Also, .
             in high school the maturity level is at ground zero. Hopefully, by the time college rolls around, .
             most of these immature teens have at least hit level one on the maturity chart. College student .
             mentality is more realistic than the mentality of a high school student. .
             No one likes to study or do homework, but all students have to do things he or she may .
             not particularly enjoy. High school students know that even if they don't do all of their homework, .
             every night, they can still manage to succeed with a decent grade. They know that with as much .
             work as high school teachers assign, the good grades will balance the bad ones or the ones they .
             were too lazy to complete. College students aren't so lucky. They have only a few assignments .
             that count as a big percentage of their grade. One missed assignment can prove to be a fatal .
             decision, landing them with a failing grades. I believe everyone should do assigned homeowrk, .
             regardless of the circumstances.
             Everyone must depend on money for survival. While in high school, Mommy and Daddy .
             pay for all the necessities of life. They also pay for things the typical high school student does not .
             need, like a new radio or the latest video game. High school students take advantage of this and .
             of the free education they are receiving from the state. They see no point in putting forth effort .
             when they don't have to do anything to receive everything thy desire.

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