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Bullying at School

            Waking up in the morning, regretting to go to school to hear some person ridicule you about the way you look, the way you talk, or about where you are from, is harmful to the mind. At a point, you have had enough of this, and you can't take it anymore. Thoughts come into your head, "Will I ever be liked again? When is this going to stop? I want to hurt myself, or kill the other person." Each and every day passes as if nothing has happened and secrets start to build deep inside you. Parents are oblivious to the fact that their child is at his worst time, yet don't care to support or listen to him or her. Thoughts still keep running through the child's mind, disrupting school work, isolating from their friends. Friends keep backing out of their friendships with you, some try to help, but most stop all together. Nobody cares for your emotions. Teachers think the smartest kids in their class are the nicest of students, but truly they are not. The day comes when the child kills himself in desperation to get rid of the guilt, the shame, the ridicule. He leaves a suicide note saying, "I hope I am out of your lives for good. I hope you are happy that I am gone. People will feel better without me. Goodbye.".
             As each child ventures to school, bullying can start as early as first grade. First grade is when the social skills are supposed to build. As children grow, so does their intelligence levels. Some kids who were your friends in previous grades move on to other aspects in their lives, leaving you out. When kids find the one aspect that differentiates a kid from the group, they pounce on it. They make fun of the child, till they become isolated from the crowd. Popularity is born. To be more popular, make fun of the other kid. With popularity comes power, take away the power, popularity runs away.
             Bullying runs on power and popularity. Bullying is an easy ventilation point for many people, due to the nature of bullying, bullies can verbally, physically, or even mentally abuse the other person.

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