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Sports Salaries

            One of the greatest arguments today in the world of sports is over the high salaries that the finely tuned, hard working athletes make. Athletes work day in and day out at their jobs and their salaries are dependant on their performance. Even though they do bring in large amounts of money every year, a more than fair share of this money goes towards their favourite charities. However, compared to other major companies and owner's of different businesses, the people in sports are making significantly less. Finally, the income that they do bring in for all their hard work and effort is only a small percent of what their owner's and bosses collect. The supreme athletes of today's world deserve every penny they make and maybe even more.
             There is a large sum of athletes salaries that goes towards charities and other worthy foundations. Every year, different players from different sports give and collect millions of dollars and transfer their hard earned funds into charitable companies awaiting pockets. Even unlikely people like baseball's hard knock player Barry Bonds give to the needy. Every time Bonds gets a pay cheque he goes out and buys baseball tickets and gives them away to unsuspecting children. These children are not only surprised to meet Barry in person but delighted by their gift as well. Barry also gives away one thousand dollars for every stolen base and home run he gets. Recently he broke the record for home runs in a year so as his home run numbers went up so did his charitable contributions. Barry's teammate Jeff Kent also shares Barry's kindness and agreed to pay the women's sports program at the University of California 500 dollars for every run he bats in. Bonds also made an interesting comment about his numerous donations. "I don"t mind giving, but does everyone have to know?" This implies that he enjoys giving away his money but also is modest and wants to remain anonymous .

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