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The Days of Our Lives

            In the Longman Dictionary of American English, life is defined as the period of time between birth and death. During this time, we all have the chance to make our lives out to whatever we please. As we grow and learn, we become a step closer to accomplishing our dreams. Most will do whatever it takes to capture their desires, regardless of how much effort it takes. But for some, hardships in their everyday lives will not allow them to spread their wings. In the short story, "Maggie: A Girl of the Streets- by Stephen Crane, the young girl in the story faces unbearable conditions in her personal life that prevent her from reaching her full potential. "The girl, Maggie, blossomed in a mud puddle- (page 16). This quote is a truthful description of Maggie's life. Her hopeless soul yearned for unattainable success, caused by her ill-fated surroundings. .
             The chief set back in Maggie's miserable life, was her family. Respect was lacked, as well as loving, caring, parents. Life lessons had to be either self taught, or learned from the cold streets. As a child growing up, Maggie was never shown much love. She grew up in an abusive home, with two drunkard parents, and an apathetic brother. The society around her was corrupt, as well as the home she lived in. Even if she searched for a role model, it would be impossible for Maggie to find one. There was also constant bickering in her home, between all members of the family. .
             "Come out, all of yehs, come out,"" his mother was howling. "Come ahn an' I'll stamp yer damn brains under me feet."".
             "Shet yer face, an' come home, yeh damned old fool,"" roared Jimmie at her- (page 29).
             This argument between the mother, Mary, and her son shows that there is a great deal of disrespect in their home. Mary is yelling at her son, and he is shouting back. Although Maggie became aware of her wretched surroundings, she had no power to do anything about it.

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