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Online Shopping

             Shopping plays an important role in modern daily lives. Every person chooses many things for themselves. There are two main ways go shopping in our daily lives. One is shopping online, another is shopping at the real shop. As a matter fact, shopping online is a new way for people to go shopping. There is a torrent of modern style which flowing over us all the time. We should make our lives easier than before. However, shopping at the shop is a traditional way for people. Both of them have same goal to help people buy something which they need and like. Both of them can improve our life qualities, in fact, online shopping is better than shopping at the shop in may ways, it offers lower price, online products are easy to buy and allows consumers to save their time. .
             In my opinion,shopping online has a strong advantage , it helps you save your money in many ways.In view of products price, most of people can't buy something which they want. Some famous brands have good things that everyone likes, sometimes we can't afford the mat the store. However, you can find the same things that has a lower price on the internet. Maybe you can find more things you like. Shopping line doesn't have many consumes to serve, most of products have lower prices than a shop's products, so you can save your money by shopping online. On the other hand, when you can something at the store, you often can find a low price for fashionable clothes and new things.
             We can go shopping online every day, but we can't go shopping at the store every day. Most people have to work five days a week. We must earn enough money to go shopping. However, some people don't want to waste time go shopping. They want to relax and rest when we shopping online. Shopping line is a good way to save their time. We must open our phones or computers, and then we can start shopping. On the other hand, when we go shopping at the store, we spend the whole day buying nothing at the store.

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