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Traditional and Online Shopping

            As I stared blank at the computer screen trying to decide what size of the shirt should I order, I started to think whether I should just go and buy the shirt or not. Physically going to a store and buying would provide me with a perfect size. But is worth the 10 mile drive to the store? While online shopping provides a large variety of products in one place for which the picture of the products can only be seen, traditional shopping offers customers to see the real products or try them on that is for clothes. Online Shopping has become more of a common part of life. It offers anyone the opportunity to buy anything and everything they need from grocery to cars. For online shopping, there is no hassle of waiting in line at the checkout corner. There is no need of traveling to the store and hence saves both time and fuel. The products bought online are shipped straight to the doorway. Some stores even offer free shipping for a minimum purchase amount which attracts more users to do online shopping. The days need to ship can vary from 1 business days to 7 business days if the product is in stock. Also the online stores tend to offer products by the methods of discounts which mean many products are at their lowest price at online stores. Although it is hard to compare the quality of the products while doing online shopping, the prices of the products can be compared at different online stores. Customer feedbacks helps a lot in choosing a product and these are readily available when clicked on the feedback section of the products. Online shopping can be done 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
             Traditional Shopping, on the other hand, provides a different kind of experience and are preferred by many. The clothes purchased can be tried on to find the perfect fit as different stores have different sizes and the customers don't end with a extremely small or large attire. It is always nice to hold on to a product and use it to see how it feels.

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