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Life Penalty

            In her novel Life Penalty, Joy Fielding brings out many things .
             about people like how they react and how they deal with death. The .
             story revolves around Gail Walton, a housewife with two daughters .
             and a wonderful husband, who finds herself feeling completly lost .
             when her 6 year old daughter is sexually assaulted and murdered. .
             When the police can't find her daughter's killer, she begins her own .
             investigation to find and bring to justice the man who stole her .
             daughter's life along with her own. It is after this point that Gail .
             Walton starts to change and not for the better. .
             Can you imagine being a housewife, always there for your .
             children when they get home from school and the one day that you .
             are not there is the day that one of your precious children is murdered? .
             That's what happened to Gail in this sad, but thrilling novel. She .
             couldn't live the guilt of not having been there for her baby girl. .
             When Cindy died, a part of herself died along with her. No matter .
             how much her family and friends told her it would get better, she .
             knew deep down that it wouldn't. The only way that things could .
             be partially better was if the monster who had created the sadness .
             was caught and brought to justice. In Gail's eyes, this justice was .
             the death penalty. .
             Gail, who had always been happy and upbeat, didn't see the .
             point in living anymore. During her investigative work, she would .
             stay in boarding houses, by herself, waiting for the day that the killer .
             would stay in the same house as her. She did dangerous things like .
             breaking into a suspects room, hitchicking and walking through parks .
             at night. In a way, she wanted to end her life, but she didn't have the .
             guts to do it, so she went out trying to get herself killed. Who could .
             blame her? Her pride and joy had been taken away from her. .
             Her entire family was affected by the sudden change of Gail's .
             behaviour. Her husband suffered greatly because his wife was always .

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