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Life in the Universe

            Life in the universe has been debated and searched for many years. President Kennedy defined space as "the new frontier" and that still applies to today. Outer space was and still is truly the "new frontier" and signs of life are becoming more and more clear as we explore this wondrous domain. Technology advances have now begun to discover signs or actual living organisms that push us a step closer to finding and advancing on other life in space. Today, this technology helps to come closer than ever before to life in the universe, but many speculations lay in our way. If life similar to that on Earth is all over the galaxy, then why have we not even found anything linking us to it? From this we open many different doors of fact, opinion, and pure fiction. Mainly though, the curiosity of man has stretched limits and discovered amazing things before and this really is no different. Space is the only new land left to explore, master, and discover new signs of life and even life itself. The mystery of life on other planets, which has plagued scientist's minds for generations, has become clearly possible through the discovery of living organisms in space and links to form of life on other planets.
             Under the hot springs of Idaho, an ancient form of life has been found on Earth. Archaea, an ancient form of bacteria, is thought to be the first form of life on Earth and could be the best evidence of life discovered today. The amazing thing is that this bacteria disproves what was thought to be the requirements for life ("Life, But"). This organism lives deep within the Earth thriving without sunlight, living off carbon dioxide, and giving off methane, which is largely found over Mars" surface ("Manier"). Therefore, these bacteria could have very well evolved in space and then traveled to the Earth. If this is what occurred, who knows what life could be throughout the universe. Scientists take from these minimal requirements that life could be anywhere including Mars, which has the environment to support them (Manier).

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