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Disturbing the Universe with Power

            Power and abuse are to actions that are very mistreated in the novel, The Chocolate War. These two combined can only cause damage or wrong. Brother Leon, Archie Costello, and Emile Janza misuse these two actions in the novel. By browbeating their peers or students, they maintain their power and get what they want until one individual, Jerry, stands up to them and breaks the awful trend that has been set. In the Chocolate War, Robert Cormier uses the third person perspective so he could get everyone's actions in together to explain the uses of power even better.
             Emile Janza, being one of the meanest and most intimidating guys in the school, browbeats all of the students out of his own volition so he can subjugate everyone at Trinity High. He isn't that smart of a kid in school but his alternative becomes too corrupt and cause complete chaos. He carries out his own assignments for personal pleasure and enjoys being caught in the act so that he can see people's reactions. Archie Costello finds Emile in the Trinity parking lot stealing gas out of a student's car (Cormier, 48). Emile tells Archie he is getting his gas for the week but really does enjoy getting caught by him. Emile tries to use his power to get into the Vigils. Late, in the end of the novel, Emile uses his incendiary speeches to fight Jerry. Jerry has no connections or business with Emile, but is still in the middle of this conflict. .
             Archie Costello has the job of being the assigner in a group called the Vigils but he does miss use the power of his position. They hold all power above the other boys and must approve of each task in which they assign. Archie loves being in command as well as feared, yet he is intelligent enough to have never been caught in one of his assignments. Goober is assigned by Archie to unscrew all of the chairs and desks in the classroom as one of the best pranks ever pulled off Goober accepts this task out of fear and respect to Archie and wishes for his approval (Cormier, 54).

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