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Marching to the Beat of a Different Drum

            James Joyce wrote many distinctive works as an expression of himself. Some stories and novels feature characters much like the author. James Duffy of "A Painful Case" in The Dubliners and Stephen Dedalus in "A Portrait of the Artist" share many of Joyce's traits. Both men are instilled with comparable natures, values, and behavior similar to Joyce's own.
             Mr. Duffy and Stephen Dedalus, like Joyce, are well read educated men. They share an affinity for books, and are influenced by them. Mr. Duffy is partial to Wordsworth and Nietzsche, and Stephen inspired by writers such as Newman and Aquinas. This is seen in the frequent references and quotes by Dedalus in "Portrait of the Artist", and in the cold detached nature of Mr. Duffy similar to the writings of Nietzsche.
             Both also share the practice of taking walks, and for similar motivations. James Duffy used then to gather his thoughts and share ideas. "They met (Mr. Duffy and Mrs. Sinico) and chose the most quiet quarters for their walks together. He lent her books, provided her with ideas, shared his intellectual life with her." After Mrs. Sinico's death walking provided Duffy an outlet to mull over his thoughts. "He entered the park and walked along under the gaunt trees. He walked through the bleak alleys they walked four years before .He gnawed at the rectitude of his life." These walks became a way of connecting with another person, and dealing with his emotions. .
             Stephen Dedalus also used walks frequently as an arena for his thoughts and feelings. Remorseful and guilty for his actions with prostitutes, Stephen "left the house and the touch of the damp dark air and the noise of the door made him ache again his conscience He walked on and on through illicit streets- In addition Stephen shared his ideas on walks with his friends. Mr. Duffy and Stephen Dedalus both walked to communicate ideas and commune with their conscience. .
             James Joyce's persona can be felt in both "A Painful Case" and "A Portrait of the Artist.

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