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Poets are born not made

            Great literature is simply language charged with meaning to the utmost possible degree {Davidoff, 199}. American literature has been apart of our history since our settlement. Throughout our history, America has generated many great authors. These authors write works of literature that educate us, entertain us, and empower us. Two great authors that America has generated are Walt Whitman and Robert Frost. In researching these two authors, a question arose. In what ways do the authors, Walt Whitman and Robert Frost, compare andor contrast in the fulfillment of the critical literary theories, psychological and historical? In order to answer this question you have to know the definition of psychological and historical theories. Psychological Critical Theory's definition is a work of literature has done something valuable if it shed light upon the human mind, for example: Hamlet, Crime and Punishment, The Fall. The definition of Historical Critical Theory is a work of literature has done something valuable if it sheds light upon an historic era, for example: Gone with the Wind, Ben Hur. Walt Whitman was considered to be the poet of the people. His unique Leaves of Grass' was new in form and in content. Whitman wrote about his country in a way never done before. At first the little book of strange verse seemed a failure. Emerson, however, recognized its greatness, and now most people agree that it was the first book of truly American poetry. The works of American poet Robert Frost tell of simple things- swinging on a birch tree, stopping by woods on a snowy evening, and the death of a hired man. Behind his work is a deep feeling for life's fundamentals-love, loyalty, and awareness of nature and of God. Walt Whitman and Robert Frost compare and contrast in the fulfillment of the Critical Literary Theories, psychological and historical. .

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