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What is Good Writing?

             Good writing can be extremely important to an audience, whether it is for reading purposes or for speeches. It keeps a person's attention and usually does not leave them confused. Good writing usually expresses the main idea, is tightly structured, grammatically correct, interesting, well organized, simple, and direct. .
             It is important to have a sense of the writer's purpose and allow the audience to understand the main idea of the writing. If the writer never gets to their point, it can leave the audience bored and confused. Reaching a main point is one of the most important aspects of good writing. .
             A well-written piece should also be structured appropriately with logical connections and transitions. It should flow so it is easy to read and also have a relationship between all of the main ideas ( not just jumping from subject to subject). Writing well would include no fragments or incomplete sentences. Fragments and incomplete sentences often confuse the reader because they cannot understand what the subject or point is.
             Another necessity for a piece to be good is excellent grammar. The writer not only should have the correct spellings (which is crucial), but punctuations as well. Using the correct punctuation in the right places allows the reading to go smoother and easier. .
             Good writing for the most part should also be very interesting. This might depend somewhat on the opinion on who is reading it, but in general the writer should be able to hold the .
             attention of their audience and leave them wanting more. All writers do not have to be short and to the point, but in most cases in can make it more enjoyable and easier to read. Avoiding unnecessary words and rambling keeps attention and interest.
             In conclusion, everyone has his or her own opinions on what is a good book, speech, or paper. But as long as the writer remembers some key ideas there should still be a well-written product at the end.

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