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Captains log Giovanni Caboto

             May-August, 1497 Giovanni Caboto (John Cabot).
             King Henry VII of England has appointed me the person to "seek out, discover and find whatever isles, countries, regions or provinces of the heathen and infidels (that) before this time have been unknown to all Christens. I graciously accepted the challenge and gather a courageous and eager crew together to join me on my journey to discover riches. I have already devised the plan that if we sail west we will be able to find a route to the rich markets of Asia. This I predict will please the King and I will be recognized for my courageous act of bravery and my amazing navigational skills will be exercised. Prior to our departure our ship, the Matthew, must be in perfect working condition. We worked for days on the ship and ensure that she looks as good as ever so we can make a good impression on anyone who inhabits the regions of the treasures. Well June has arrived and we all agree that we are ready as will ever be for the voyage. Anxiously we all board the ship and depart from the port in Bristol, England for our journey across the vast ocean.
             Entry 2: July 1-20.
             It has been weeks since we left and still all we can see is the water with a flat horizon. The weather has remained stable with only periodical rain showers that haven't caused any serious delays. To pass the time we proceed to invent tales of the sea adventures. The ship rocks solemnly back and forth as the sky becomes painted red and pink with the setting sun. I recite to myself for comfort "red sky in morning sailors take warning, red sky at night sails delight." Night falls again and all that can be heard are the subtle waves as they rub up against the side of the ship. Occasionally a whale will make a quick appearance above the surface of the water sending a great splash of water soaring into the sky.
             Entry 3: July 23.
             Its early morning and still nothing has changed that we can tell.

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