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Second Wave Australian Theatre Overview

            So my humble little theatrics, come this way and I shall present to you some more valuable information before we descend to the performance. .
             It is my pleasure, my privilege, NAY! My honor to present to you the final stage of Australian theatre The Second Wave. .
             When veering at the end of the 1970s the New Wave theatre seemed to be exhausting out and an innovative group of writers such as Stephen Sewell and Louis Nowra arose.
             Called at the time the new 'internationalists', the two ceased to be interested in the idea of an Australian National Identity. .
             Nowra and Sewell were still interested in exploring aspects of Australian history and culture but thought of doing so in a broader international context in which the idea of local 'distinctiveness' seemed less important. .
             What connected Australia to the world was now seen to be as important as what made it different.
             Along with the internationalists, women's theatre rose throughout the decade, and the new interest in identity politics, laid the groundwork for an upsurge in the late 70s and throughout the 80s. .
             The intricate experiences of women, gays, and black Australians seemed to demand new forms and new styles of dramatic and theatrical representation, and even challenge the whole idea of representation itself. .
             PICTURE OF LOUIS.
             Louis Nowra is one of the defining playwrights in Australian contemporary theatre. .
             In the quarter-century since 1973, in a career spanning writing for theatre, television, opera, film and fiction, Louis Nowra has established himself in the forefront of Australian theatre both in cultural prestige and, increasingly, commercial success.
             The issues and ideas that Nowra wished to put forth are what made him the remarkable playwright today. Most popular of these were:.
             The crises of a settler nation,.
             Aboriginal dispossession, .
             And Australia's involvements in imperial wars from the Western Front to Vietnam are the potential in his writings.

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