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History of Hip Hop - SPEECH

             The purpose is to inform my audience of the origins and upbringing of hip-hop in the American culture.
             Central Idea:.
             Hip-Hop has overcome many adversities to become among the largest grossing genres in music today.
             I. Hip Hop is an art form that includes DJing [cuttin' & scartchin'], MCing (Master of Ceremony or "mike controller") /rappin', break-dancing (people who partake in this dance form are known as b-boys and b-girls) and graffiti art. .
             a. These art forms as we know them today originated in the South Bronx section of New York City around the mid 1970s. (Davey).
             II. Hip Hop has thrived within the subculture of Black and Puerto Rican communities in New York and is now just recently beginning to enjoy widespread exposure. .
             a. From a sociological perspective, Hip Hop has been one of the main contributing factors that helped curtail gang violence due to the fact that many adults found it preferable to channel their anger and aggressions into these art forms which eventually became the ultimate expression of one's self. (Light, 21).
             I. If anyone were to be cited as the "founder" of rap it would be Kool Herc. .
             a. A Jamaican DJ from the early 70's, Kool Herc moved from Kingston to NY's West Bronx. .
             b. Here, he attempted to incorporate his Jamaican style of dj, which involved reciting improvised rhymes, taken from the Jamaican art form known as toasting, over the dub versions of his reggae records. .
             c. Unfortunately, New Yorkers weren't into reggae at the time. .
             d. So Kool Herc adapted his style by chanting over the instrumental or percussion sections of the day's popular songs. .
             e. Because these breaks were relatively short, he learned to extend them indefinitely by using an audio mixer and two identical records in which he continuously replaced the desired segment. (Davey).
             II. Even though this music is now called "rap'' back then it wasn't, it was called MCing. .
             a. After DJ Kool Herc got tired of the microphone he started to do the turntables and handed over the mike to Coke La Rock and Clark Kent, this group became the first MC team named Kool Herc and the Herculoids.

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