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Metacognitive Awareness

             Metacognition has been recognized as one of the most important factor in EFL(English as a Foreign Language ) studing. Metacognition is the awareness and knowledge of your mental processes such that you can monitor, regulate, and direct them to a desired end. The role of metacognitive factors are important and useful in EFL learning. In China, most of the students choose English as their foreign language. It is necessary for us to discuss how to make them learn English effectively. One of the most important way is to enhance metacognitive awareness in their EFL learning.
             This essay attamps to find some ideas about the significance of enhancing metacognitive awareness in Chinese EFL context. And I also have some metacognitive skills to share with the reader.
             2. Literature Review.
             2.1 The role of metacognition in EFL context.
             Metacognition has been recognized as an important factor in language over last several years. Metacognitive strategies are part of the focus in research field of language learning strategies, which is the domain of individual differences in SLA research. However, metacognition does not only relate to strategy use but also has broader function in language learning, especially in EFL context.
             2.2 The significances of mecacognitive awareness .
             *Metacognitive awareness can inhance learner's intake.
             In EFL context, implicit learning mainly comes from teacher talk in English. A learner with strong metacognmitive awareness often wants to listen to the teacher himself and he thinks that kind of listening is an important part of English class. Even though he doesn't understand what teacher say well, he will try to understand that after class or make a effective preview before class. The learner gets more intake than others as he pays graet attention to the teacher, which makes acquisition more possible. And the learner's output is to the greatest degree stimulated by his motivation and metacognitive awareness which tells he that output is also important.

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