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            I remember it as clearly as it would have happened yesterday. It was a brilliant day - my brother and me went to the Zoo. We had talked about going to it for several months, so on a sunny day in June we spent almost the whole day enjoying ourselves in this wonderful place of Riga. It was approximately 9 p.m. when we returned home. My brother opened the door and we went in. But suddenly we both heard a strange noise in the bedroom. My brother quickly went to look what has happened and saw a man climbing out he window. We had surprised a burglary suspect in our bedroom! The male suspect entered the room through an unlocked bedroom window and stole a laptop computer, compact discs, a backpack and a wallet. My brother told me to call the police and chased the suspect toward the car parking lot. We had chased the burglar for several minutes, but then the suspect disappeared. My brother was very disappointed, because it wasn't his laptop and there were bankcards and a driving licence in his wallet. Then the police came and started to ask questions about the suspect, they wanted to know how tall the suspect was, what his hair was like, what he was wearing and other details about him. Then together with a police inspector we had a walk through the neighbouring streets and - what a miracle - we found the wallet, backpack and even the laptop in the trashcan! So, we decided that the burglar was so afraid that we would catch him than he dropped all stolen things and ran away. We were very lucky that we found our things and now always close windows before we leave our house. I can only advise to so also to all my friends and acquaintances - keep your windows and doors closed and if you surprise a burglar or a thief, don't be afraid but act bravely. And, of course, don't forget to call the police at once!.

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