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Stonewall Jackson

            The battle was Bull Run, it was nearing late July and the battle was not looking to good for the Confederates. A long thin line of Confederate troops lined the battlefield protecting their position. Many had been killed and the troops thinned out. McDowell, the Union officer, had not even made his main strike yet and the battle was already looking like a sure loss for the South. Meanwhile, Jackson and Johnston, two teachers at a militia school in Virginia arrived with their troops ready to reinforce the battle lines. As they walked towards the sobering sight and put themselves into the line for the night they saw what need there was for reinforcements such as themselves. Morning came and the oncoming battle was looming over the heads of every soldier there. McDowell made his move suddenly without warning with a two-pronged attack. He sent some of his men up the middle of the Confederate line, and some of his men to the "Left shoulder" of the Confederate line attacking the unprepared General Barnard Bee. Jackson, analyzing the situation, knew that standing with General Bee would get his men slaughtered so he seemingly retreated from the battle and led his men on top of a ridge and laid there ready for oncoming battle. The minutes ticked by as they watched the battle rage far away, a few bullets even whizzed by them and hit a nearby house, killing the old occupant (Wheeler 40-45). .
             Soon, in the distance they saw someone riding towards them with great haste. The rider was General Bee and he was in desperate need of help. He told General Jackson that he would retreat behind his lines for cover and protection, and he rode back to rally his men he left behind defending. The Confederates came and passed and the Union soldiers were quickly following right on the heels of General Bee's troops. Jackson's men stood strong and held back the Union troops as the flood came at them. It was then that General Bee, to rally his troops shouted, "Look yonder! There Is Jackson and his brigade standing like a stonewall.

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