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Confederate generals make better generals

            Who made better generals, the egoistic and overly ambitious Unionist commanders, or the competent and proficient Confederate leaders? The much larger and organized Army of the Potomac was constantly being held back by the Confederates due to the ineptness of Generals like McClellan, McDowell and Pope. On the other hand, confederate forces lead decisive battles under the brilliant leadership of General Lee, Jackson, and Stuart. The confederate string of victories characterizes the necessary attributes of an excellent general. Facing a much larger enemy, the confederate leadership drove vital blows to the Unionists. Confederate generals were clearly the better generals, conducting marvelous campaigns, battle tactics and leadership.
             James Ewell Brown "Jeb- Stuart is one of the legendary Confederate generals of the Civil War. He is regarded as one of the most brilliant cavalrymen of the War. Jeb Stuart understood the art of war quite well and played his role effectively. Stuart fought Sheridan, Custer and other cavalry generals and often whipped' them. His cavalry brigade supported the infantry at certain battles, namely, at First Mananass, Antietam and Chancellorsville. The cavalry would cover the flanks of the army. Some times Stuart screened the movements of the infantry from the Union soldiers. An example of it is when Jackson's flanks were being extended during McClellan's Peninsular Campaign. 1 At other times, Stuart's brigade would be conducting scouting operations. The cavalry played a vital role in gathering information about the enemy; thus General Lee commented about Stuart, "You are the eyes and ears of my army-. 2 During such times Stuart led his swift and daring raids. Often he would wreck Union formations and instill confusion behind Union lines. Otherwise he would plunder enemy supply and communication lines. He is famous for capturing numerous wagons and mules. In his report of the Seven Day's Battle, Stuart described his push down the Washington road: a train of forage wagons with a few cavalry as escort was captured before proceeding far.

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