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An Astrological Profile

             The Sun represents all the positive, life-giving elements, and rules over and represents your basic essence, your individuality. The Sun rules how you are deep within your self, basically what makes you tick.
             Pioneers, leaders, innovators, quick and original, full of energy and enthusiasm - you love to be first in everything that you do. Sometimes projects or ideas are not completed because you get easily bored with it, and then you are off and running into another more exciting direction. .
             You can be egocentric, thinking only of your own needs and believing that the world revolves around you.
             Your are honest and open in your dealings and always go all the way. You have a quick temper, but you don"t hold a grudge. .
             Ariens are true extroverts and adventurers, always looking for new ideas, new loves and new worlds to conquer. It's very difficult for you to take orders, you want to lead, not follow. .
             Ariens tend to be quick, impulsive and confident. You are a good organiser, but soon lose interest. There is little time for the past or the future, just an overwhelming sense of urgency in the present moment.
             Moon Sign - Gemini.
             The moon governs your emotions, intuitions, feelings and inner desires. It represents your subconscious, the darker, deeper side of your character.
             Your moon in Gemini makes you restless and always seeking that perfect love that exists only in your mind. You are dual natured and never really satisfied with the person you are with, or your place of employment.
             You tend to flirt a lot, which is not too flattering for your companion. You are easily bored, and when there is no challenge you are off and gone.
             You have a very active imagination and truth is not a fetish with you, in fact you bend it quite a bit.
             You have plenty of charm, which gets you out of a lot of scrapes, and helps you manipulate and balance several things at once.
             You have a fascination for new and interesting people and places and this leads you into the kind of job where you continually come across new people and get around from place to place.

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