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Mythology Vocab

             I have used the Tarot cards in readings as well as teaching intuitive powers. In my independent study, I knew the cards utilized symbols from the ancient times. There is a confliction between the dates of the earliest Tarot deck. The cards are very powerful as a tool to developing intuition. I was intrigued to learn in Walker's, The Women's Dictionary, "Because the cards were popular, there was a short-lived attempt to relate the Major Arcana to various episodes in the story of Christ's passion, as if they depicted stations of the cross" (Dictionary 156). The Bible is a form of a teaching as well as the Tarot. It is interesting to even attempt to translate the cards in terms of Christ. As I understand it, the Tarot depicts pagan, spirits, and theological principles. My group project is The Gypsies, and Walker reflects, "Gypsy meant "Egyptian," and so occultists began to identify the Tarot with Egypt's famous Book of Thoth" (Dictionary 156). The gypsies introduced Europe to the Tarot cards in their travels. The Tarot has been known as the "Game of Man" and is said to encompass Gypsies philosophies. Walker's text identifies, "Unbound "books" of picture cards were long used in the east to teach mystical doctrines to people who couldn't read" (Encyclopedia 976). The Tarot has influences from Egypt, China, and Kabala with symbols from different civilizations. The fundamentals of the Tarot's teaching are universal and there is a true deeper meaning to every card. The Tarot can be read on many different levels. The links to the ancient symbols makes the cards even more powerful but it also speaks to the less educated with the universal pictures of love, death, emotions, education, gods, goddesses, wheels of fortunes, and basic symbols. History does repeat itself and humans encounter the same challenges. The Tarot can be used as a tool to step outside the challenge and learn from the god/goddess.

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