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Greek Mythology VS Roman Mythology

             Mythology is defined as being stories arrived from story telling made up of both fiction and history (Parada). These stories are passed down differently throughout the years. Many times it is hard to distinguish between the many types of mythologies. In this paper I am studying Roman and Greek Mythology, two of the many mythologies out there. In studying the two I have come to find out that there is a difference between them, yet there are similarities also. .
             In Greek mythology, the myths are mostly either divine myths or heroic myths. Divine myths are tales referring to the gods. Heroic myths are formed by tales related to the kingdom on earth (Parada). "During the Middle Ages, about 200 years before the collapse of Rome, the myths were banished from society. Emperor Julian failed when Christianity started to come into play (Parada). In those days the people had always believed one .
             thing, the myths, and when Christianity came into effect the people started questioning what they knew or what they thought they knew. Many times .
             the people described the myths, " as a Sacred All-embarking True Tale" (Parada). .
             To the Greek people the gods and myths were involved in every aspect of their lives. Everything from emotional aspects to how their crops would turn out depended on the gods. It is said best by Carols Parada, .
             "The myths have connections with all aspects of human life and .
             experience. origins and nature of the universe. reveal historical .
             facts. emotional valuations and concern themselves with moral, .
             physical or ontological issues. convey beliefs, superstitions, rituals, .
             literary images, social ideas. and ethical values." .
             This goes to prove how much the people of Ancient Greek did follow the myths of the gods. In studying the subject, I have come to the conclusion that the people barely seemed to be able to function without "checking" with the gods.

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