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Reading Response - Prison Studies

            Malcolm X (born in 1925),the writer of "Prison Studies", was a black and uneducated man who spent part of his life in prison.Malcolm took a decision to read books and learn new words from dictionaries inorder to educate himself to prove that black people aren't less than whites.Besides, he had an inmate called "Bimbi" who influenced him to learn more and improve his penmanship. Malcolm started from being illiterate and ended up by being an intellectual person through hard studying and determination .He used to memorize vocabs from the dictionary and understand them and then write them down on his tablet to repeat this process every morning with new words,and could stay all night reading books under low light to satisfy his curiosity.His prison education made him work more for saving the blacks' rights that were aggrieved by the whites.
             The writer's purpose in this text is to motivate as a result but his main purpose is to inform about his experience and about the prison that changed his entire life through his narration and discription for the details he lived and showing that dedication and hardwork will lead to a gleaming point.He used simple vocabs"bunk,corridor,tablet,inmates"and phrases "I was so fascinated that I went on-I copied the dictionary's next page."(paragraph 8 p.73) that are familiar to his audiences.The style of his text in addition to the tone of his language is greatly optimistic which inspires the audience to take his experience an example that proves this."I never had been so truly free in my life."(paragraph 9 p.74).Moreover, his usage of the chronological order "Then aloud,I read back to myself everything I'd written on the tablet"(paragraph 6 p.73) and listing technique "In my slow,painstaking,ragged handwriting,I copied into my tablet everything printed on the first page."(paragraph 5 p.

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