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Redefining Women

             Throughout history, women have played major part in the development of modern societies. They have evolved from subservient child-bearers to the nurturing mothers of some our greatest leaders to becoming leaders themselves. Faced with many victories as well as adversities, women have made the journey to modern times with a grace and poise unparalleled by any man in history.
             When analyzing the role of women not by class or ethnicity but as a sex, it is essential to analyze their sexuality. Sociologists have studied feminine roles from many such angles as the Freudian fixation on the mother and father and the behavioralist perspective that one is a product of one's environment. Men's and women's roles in sex should be taught within the home and family, not out in the changing world, to ensure the survival of morality. With that in mind, it was widely believed in the 1920's, that "civilized" women of the day were educated in the appropriate place that sexuality had in society; therefore, women of the lower classes were not said to have abandoned their morals but rather were lacking in them. However, as other researchers observed, this post-war sexual revolution, during which women seized their independence and sexual freedom, introduced women of a broad spectrum of social classes to a world of sown oats and secret lovers. .
             Another changing aspect of the world after World War I was the working woman, whether she worked in the home or out. Unlike sexuality, which changed women as a whole, women were affected by working life in varying ways and degrees based on their ethnicity, social class, and even level of education. In traditional homes, women's work was in that home. It was her responsibility to care for the home and everything in it. Some viewed this responsibility as equal to men's work outside; a married couple was a sort of team, and if either failed in his or her responsibility, the other would surely suffer.

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