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"Comrade Sister: Women of the Black Panther Party

             American society today is over run with historical paradigms of women who have moved from being the homemakers and caregivers of children, to being the commanders and chiefs of different associations. Adjacent to the most powerful distinguished women of the world such as, Harriet Tubman, Fannie Lou Hamner, and Rosa Parks, thousand of African American women have confronted sexism and other forms of oppression to give a real voice to the directorial power of women. Throughout history, black women have always participated in political activism, varying from private to public domains. Though occasionally mentioned, women also played an extremely vital role in the Black Panther Party, which has created a revolutionary impact on how things have evolved currently in the United States for instance free health clinics, free lunch, and free daycares.
             The film, "Comrade Sister: Women of the Black Panther Party-, presented by Dr. Phyllis Jackson detailed the strength of one of the most significant "Black Power- organizations in the 1960s, which was backboned by women whom served as cornerstones of the organization by keeping everything in order. Dr. Phyllis Jackson explained that without the force and ambition of the women, the party would not have accomplished some of the essential social foundations that it did during the late 1960s up through the 1970s. Accordingly, women ran the party and the men just acted as if they did; however, the women proved that they were capable of functioning without the recognition that was specified for men. Evidently, if women were not a part of the party, it would not have existed.
             While the strategic roles and media attention went most often to the men in the Party, the women worked as sustaining forces in daily operations, fundraising, and completion of programs. From this, it is obvious that the same women who had to face the abrasiveness from police, and who had to work the 12-16 hour days just as men, are the same women whose presence reshaped and redefined the Party's "soul-.

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