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Cointelpro Vs. Black Panther Party

            Cointelpro, what was it? Was it an organization created for fear and .
             distrust the US government, or was it a government intervention? Basically .
             Cointelpro was the FBI's secret program to undermine the popular upsurge, .
             which swept the country during the 1960's.
             When breaking the law, for example, exposure, harassment, or .
             prosecution for political crimes were getting out of hand, that's when the .
             Cointelpro came in. The Bureau took the law into it's own hands and secretly .
             used fraud and force to protect political activity.
             We found out about the Cointelpro thanks to a FBI office, which removed .
             the secret files and presented it to the media on March 1971. A big scandal .
             began, because of the lawsuits and requests of the public for bringing out new .
             information about it. To control all of this damage, Congress and courts .
             commanded to the FBI to reveal the other half of the information about it, and to .
             promise it would not do repeat their actions again in the future. Although most of .
             the info was stored back into the "secret files", some was copied from the .
             originals and publicized.
             The Cointelpro worked by secretly instruct their field offices to propose .
             schemes such as: misdirect, discredit, disrupt or otherwise neutralize certain .
             individuals and groups. The most intense operations were directed against the .
             Black movement, basically the Black Panther Party. The Black community had a .
             lack of material resources to fight back, so the FBI and police (whites in general) .
             took this as an advantage. Many other activities that opposed US intervention for .
             racial, gender or class were also main targets under convert attack. There was .
             no limit to those who used physical force or took up arms.
             Till today we ask ourselves what effect did this all have and did it ever .
             really end? Well, it had a big effect on society. It reinforced the weaknesses of .
             some groups and made them learn from their mistakes to build solid and durable .

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