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Parent Conversation Project

             In religion we were assigned a project. This project is called the Parent Conversation Project, also known as PCP. In this project we were given ten questions which we were to ask our parents and ourselves. After we did that separately we were supposed to discuss our answers and share our feelings. Here are the results of my projects.
             During our discussion my grandparents and I discussed the greatest fears and the most difficult parts of being a parent/guardian. I was surprised at my grandparents" response. My grandfather said the most difficult part of raising me is trying to determine what social affairs, parties, etc. to allow me to go to. My grandmother said that her greatest fear will be that I will get in with the wrong crowd or get into trouble. I think that the hardest thing about parenting will be dealing with my child's attitude and having to provide and manage my money. I was not very surprised at my grandfather's response because he always tells me about going to parties and how he doesn't really like me doing it. But, my grandmother's response was surprising. I thought she would say something like keeping the child under control and dealing with their attitude. But, she was on a totally different subject. She said that she is more concerned with me staying with positive crowds and in positive environments so that I can excel. She said that she can handle my attitude on her own. She's worried about how others influence me. I learned something new about my grandmother's thoughts from this.
             Our second question during our discussion was, "What do you think are the greatest joys and hopes of being a parent?" For this question I said that I think the greatest joys and hopes of being a parent are seeing that your child has done the best of their ability in school and seeing your child graduate from high school and college. I also think that a great joy is seeing your child have a good family.

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