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            What do you think of when you wake up? Usually you just get up and get ready .
             for school or work usually expecting the same thing. But on the other side of the .
             world, in a little place called Israel, people get up and don"t know what to .
             expect. Why is this happening? For many reasons. Territory, religion, culture. But .
             The main reason is when the Jewish got their land, the people living there .
             weren"t really happy. With conflicts about land and who lived there first, wars .
             started and to this day, terrorist on. Both sides attack each other. In this paper, .
             you will see the causes for the terrorist attacks, And how it ruins the lives of .
             those who want to live in peace.
             The problem of the Arabs, the people living on the land currently when the land .
             was given to the Jewish, and the Jewish over the land has history. The Jews .
             claim the land belonged to them three-thousand years ago, when Jewish kings .
             ruled Jerusalem. To the Arabs, the land was theirs since the Jews were driven .
             out around 135 AD. Around the twentieth century, Zionist began to settle in .
             Palestine. Zionist were people who wanted a Jewish homeland. At that time, .
             Islamic Turks were still in control of that area for it was a part of the Ottoman .
             Empire (beck-521).
             With Palestine, currently at the time, fearing the Zionist and Jewish immigrants .
             giving them problems, the Jews made their move. The Jews asked Britain for the .
             creation of a Jewish nation in the area of Palestine. Not wanting to loose the .
             support of either side during World War I, Britain sent a letter to a Zionist .
             supporter making promises to both sides. This letter was known as the Balfour .

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