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Perks of Being a Wallflower

            The story the Perks of being a wallflower by Stephen Chbosky tells us about the life of a boy named Charlie through letters written by him to an anonymous person. It takes place in Charlie's town and Charlie encounters the same struggles that many kids have to face in high school - how to make friends, family tensions, experimenting with drugs, a first relationship - but he also has to deal with his best friend's recent suicide.
             At the end of the story, Charlie suffers a breakdown due to the fears of all his friends leaving for college. He is found by his parents in the living room, watching the television, which wasn't even on. His parents talk to him and try to get his attention. His father even slaps him to try to get him to notice them. This is unusual because his father had horrible experiences when beaten by his stepfather and never hits. However no matter what they do, Charlie neither moves nor acknowledges anyone. He is sent to the hospital for two months and once he is released he feels much better. He gets help and is ready for his sophomore year. .
             After reading the story you end up liking the main character Charlie, very much. He is very honest which causes problems for him later on. He admits to Sam the day after he meets her that he has a crush on her. When asked to kiss the prettiest girl in the room, Charlie can't deny his love for Sam and kisses her instead of Mary Elizabeth, the girl he is going out with. This honesty at an atrocious time almost ruins his friendship with Sam. She was very upset because she was good friends with Mary Elizabeth and what he did made her angry. Charlie is also a very loyal friend. He is there whenever Sam, Patrick, or any of his other friends need him. He talks to Sam when he she has troubles with her boyfriend. He is there for his sister when he finds out she is pregnant and doesn't tell anyone. He is there for Patrick when he has troubles with his sexuality and relationships.

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