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A Wallflowers Story

             "When you become a teen, it's like you get a second chance to remake your life. But society comes in and tells you to be man and that second chance is gone". This quote is about how teens with the issue that all teens deal with upon entering high school. High school a place was human beings are at there most inhuman. Filled with sex, drugs and homework, high school molds and twists teenagers into the people they will be, adults. The perks of being a wallflower by Stephen Chobosky is about the journal of Charlie, a lonely freshman in his first year of high school, who meets Pat and Sam who will greatly effect his life. Throughout the year he goes to parties, meets new people, and attends the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Charlie tells of his past, which molded him into the emotionally and bipolar teenager that he has become. In Charlie's writings, he tells how he see the fictitious and superficial world he lives in. He wonders why his old friends have left him for other friends, why his mother reads those Glam. Magazines, why his father and the father before him hit there children, and how such things can greatly effect one's outlook on life. .
             Being an adolescent in the 90's is very trying for teenagers. It has never changed, what has changed though is the environment that teens go to almost everyday of there teenage life, high school. Charlie's writings take place in the beginning of the 90's. Were .
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             a new brand of music called grunge came into the spotlight, depressed teens reacted to grunge music and they accepted who they are. As Charlie describes in his journal he see's some of the negative effects that society has put on his generation. Media, abuse and peer pressure put the most damaging effects on teens. The media shows us a fictional world where one's popularity is more important then one's ideals. The devastating pain of abuse physically and emotionally scars teens leaving their minds in a dangerous form of isolation.

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