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A Good Man is Hard to Find

            The story "A Good Man is Hard to Find" is about a family of six, who find their lives taking a turn for the worst during a vacation trip to Florida. The road trip eventually ends in horror when the family has an accident in which The Misfit and his gang, murders the bunch in an ironic twist. On the surface, it looks as though The Misfit is the only villain in the story. However the reader recognizes that the six members of the family contribute to their own fate because of their selfishness.
             The first character introduced in the story is the grandmother. She proves to be the most interesting persona throughout the entire story. She interrupts her son's reading to mention that the family has visited Florida already and that they should visit east Tennessee instead, which is what she wanted. She tries to manipulate her son and his wife by saying that it would be good for the children and that going to Florida will only put them in the harm of The Misfit. The old woman uses The Misfit to try and influence the family into going to her desired destination. This shows the grandmother is selfish and manipulative. She does not want to go on a vacation trip unless she chooses the destination and would attempt anything that might change the family's choice. Her manipulative ways are also shown in the way she managed to get the kids in favor of her visiting an old house she believes is near. Her manipulation is what eventually leads her family into their horrid fate.
             The next two characters are June Star and John Wesley. After the family crashed their car June Star was disappointed that no one was hurt. June Star being disappointed at the accidents outcome shows that she is only thinking about her self, she wanted someone to get hurt for her own entertainment. When the grandmother mentions that the house has a secret panel John Wesley and June Star get excited and want to see the house. Even though Bailey, the father of the two says they can not stop to see the house, the two children keep bothering their father until he finally gives in.

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