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A good man is hard to find

             Is it that hard to find a "good" man in this world? According to Flannery O" Connor, finding a "good" man is hard to do. O"Connor writes the story, "A Good Man is Hard to Find," trying to portray the difficulty in finding a "good" man. No one is perfect, but knowing the difference between good and bad is usually not a hard decision. In this story, readers jumble over the title and ask themselves who's "good" and who's "bad". At first glance, or after reading the story the first time, the Misfit supposedly portrays himself as the evil character by killing the grandmother. But to me, through careful reading and consideration of new concepts, I believe the grandmother has an "evil" force working through her body that directs her family to destruction and for the grandmother it ironically brings her death; and, the questionable "good" man that is hard to find in O"Connor's title is the Misfit because he kills the grandmother and the evil possession within her.
             The story begins with the family discussing a road trip to Florida, but "The grandmother [is not wanting] to go to Florida [so] she [seizes] at every chance to change Bailey's mind. (344)" The grandmother is not saying this aloud, but she knows the Misfit is not in Florida. She knows because her evil infested conscience inside her head is telling her to take the family in a different direction, which is the right direction of the Misfit. She even reads an excerpt from "the Misfit" article in the newspaper to Bailey.
             Here this fellow that calls himself The Misfit is aloose from the Federal Pen and [is heading] toward Florida and [Bailey reads] here what [the newspaper] says [the Misfit] [is doing] to these people. [Bailey just reads it]. [The grandmother is not taking her] children in any direction with a criminal like that aloose in it. [The grandmother can not] answer to [her] conscience if [she does]. (342).

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