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Memnoch The Devil by Anne Rice

            Memnoch the Devil, the fifth novel in the series, "the vampire chronicles" which also includes "Interview with the Vampire", "The Vampire Lestat", "Queen of the Dammed", "The Tale of the body thief" and "The Vampire Armand" all .
             written by Anne Rice. This is a novel that will have you questioning the very foundations of your religion. .
             The book opens with a brief statement from Lestat in the form of a two-page prologue a .
             prologue that tries to explain a world in which vampires exist. .
             The tale begins in New York, Lestat, Anne Rice's most popular vampire is on the prowl for his victim Roger, Lestat chooses his victims with .
             care, only those truly evil humans that he admires and loves. The obsession with his current victim and continuous stalking finally comes to an end when Lestat realises that he too is being stalked by a mysterious being that he cant place and eventually kills his victim Roger to find out if his victim and the mysterious being are .
             connected in any way, only to find out they are not. His stalker Memnoch, the devil, is waiting for the right time to capture Lestat and take him on a journey so he can discover the he has led and will continue to lead .
             his life. Once dead Roger comes back to Lestat in the form of a ghost instructing him to take care of the two things he holds most precious, his art relics and his daughter Dora. The time that Lestat spent watching over Dora led .
             him to fall in love with her, feelings that no other mortal had brought upon him. Now torn between his vampire passions and his overwhelming love for Dora. Lestat is confronted by the most dangerous adversaries he has ever known, he is snatched from the world itself by his stalker Memnoch. Memnoch presents Lestat with unimagined .
             opportunities, he is taken on an apocalyptic journey through time and space to the very dawn of mankind to witness creation, to fourteenth century Constantinople, Jerusalem in the days of .

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