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Supernatural In American Fiction And Soceity

            "The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind.
             "1 Therefore, it makes sense that if mortals cannot bear the.
             darkness, they [should not] not go there. If man dislikes "black night and yawning chasms,"2.
             then should he not even consider them? Shouldn't man seek out the sunshine, instead? The.
             remedy is very simple: Avoid the darkness and seek the light. But, no. Mankind would never.
             submit to this. He will immediately turn to the darkness. Drawn by his own cords of fear and.
             longing, man will imagine that he is tired of the light and his small, familiar world.3 "No.
             amount of rationalization. or Freudian analysis" can overcome "the thrill of the chimney-corner.
             whisper or the lonely wood."4 Why? Children will always be afraid of the dark and men will.
             always shudder at what they do not understand, yet everyone will continue to seek it.5 Perhaps it.
             is because society, particularly American society because of its history, believes the final horrors.
             are ghosts and demons, when truly it is the hidden aspects of its own soul.6 As reflected by its.
             literature, American society has always held a deep fascination with the supernatural. Evidence.
             of this is seen throughout American history, from the Puritan era onward.
             In modern society, one would think that there isn't any place for fantasy and.
             superstitions, but the United States is full of people who are convinced that psychics can predict.
             their future, they have ghosts living in their houses, aliens visit the Earth in flying saucers, and.
             even that they can talk to the dead.7 People believe in the supernatural because they want to.
             believe, because it makes them happy, even if those beliefs exist against logic or opposing.
             evidence.8 In Detroit, "ghost-busting is back big time," with "at least five "ghost hunting" clubs".
             springing up in the metro area.9 The Great Lakes Ghost Hunters Society and the Ghost Hunters.
             of Southern Michigan are just two of the organizations that supposedly embrace the unknown,.

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