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Difference between Reservation Blues and Smoke Signals

            Who said that a book can not become a great movie? If that is true, then that point was definitely shattered by Sherman Alexie. Alexie is the author of Reservation Blues, and with his aid, his book was turned into a movie which was called Smoke Signals. Reservation Blues and Smoke Signals can be viewed as the "Ying" and the "Yang". With many similarities and a few differences between the two, Reservation Blues and Smoke Signals have a parallel connection which makes it a must to read the book and view the movie to have a sense of total understanding and completion. With more details in Reservation Blues, Smoke Signals surely did not lag behind with the basic message and theme, even though there were other numerous minor themes for the two together and separately. The main theme between Reservation Blues and Smoke Signals is that even though problems may occur, one must overcome the adversities to try and find out who they truly are and their purpose in life to become a better person.
             The biggest theme that shows up in the Smoke Signals and Reservation Blues is the thought and feeling of being abanded. In Smoke Signals Victor unquestionably felt abanded by his father Arnold. He wanted his father to be with him and his mother to be a family. It wasn"t clear why he left the reservation. Victor saw it as an easy way for Arnold to escape from his problems. The question is to escape from what problem? The reason why he left is because he knew what really happened when Thomas parent's house got burned down. He burned it himself. After having quite a few drinks, Arnold was playing with a type of fire works that gave off sparks. He was yelling at Thomas's parents in an excited way at their house. But in the mean time, a spark hit the inside of the house and caught on fire. The fire quickly engulfed the house with Thomas parents inside. The way Thomas escaped was when his mother threw him out the window in a desperate attempt to save him.

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