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The lessons of life

            Our life is full of difficulties and problems; and the life affords us to take lessons from our mistakes and life experience. But sometimes, we could avoid mistakes and disappointments by acceptance an advice and the help of others. So, the movie Smoke Signals has a lot of serious meaning, and gives ability to learn lessons from the life experience of movies characters. As the lesson mother tried to impress upon her son -Victor Joseph: how she learned to make be the best fry bread in Coeur d"Alene Indian Reservation even, "in the all world" by acceptance the advices and help others, I realized and learned from one day of my life-the day before my marriage.
             Several months I have been busy with preparations for my wedding. My wedding day was getting closer, and while I have being decorating the guest's tables, I have being thinking: "Tomorrow, I can wear my wedding dress and appear in the church for the wedding ceremony." I started to feel weariness in my body and the increased headache. The building was filled with many of my friends, which came to help me. My bridesmaid really asked me to go home, get some rest and get ready for tomorrow. She convinced me, that the people could finish it easily. .
             However, I refused the help, I even could not imagine, that someone make it well as I could do by myself. People started to leave church, because could not find anything to help. Eventually, we have found that only two of us, my best friend and myself, remained at church. Furthermore, we have not started to decorate the table for the groom and the bride.

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