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Family Values - True Wealth in Life

            "A happy family is but an earlier heaven". Quotations like these remind me that I am currently residing in a temporary heaven. Support, respect, family time, faith, honesty and humor all are amazing qualities instilled in me by the gracious and amazing people I call my family. So many stories and situations come to mind where I was taught a lesson about one of these values: Times arise in my memory bank when I sit back and realize the magnitude of the impact that they have had on me. It is these stories that make me who I am and what I represent.
             When my brother, Tony, went to Trine University in 2011 to pursue a Business degree and play football, we were all very excited as a family. When football started up for him, we were at every single game and cheered him on; thus, support has never even been a question in the Miranda household. When I am on the football field or baseball field, I never have to worry about a family member not being there. What a wonderful feeling to know that no matter where I play or what time, my family is making an effort to watch me, cheer me on, and no matter how I play, tell me that I did awesome. I catch myself taking this for granted, but then I stop myself and realize that not every child has the luxury of a supportive family like mine. This makes me love my family even more and thankful that I was blessed with them. This is a value that I love about our family: The support system we have at home and the ongoing, never ending support that we have for each other is a very reassuring and wonderful piece to our family's puzzle.
             My mother and father have always taught me to respect authority even if I do not agree with them. Often times in my adventure throughout the different sports and sports teams that I have played on, there have been instances when I happen to not agree with the coaches thought process or actions taken as coach. Some might argue with the coach or challenge his authority, but not me.

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