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Life Lessons in Big Fish

            The movie "Big Fish" is more than an old man's exaggerated tales told to his son of his earlier years in life. It is about the way Edward told these tales to his son, Will, and how these tales have a deeper underlying meaning. His son does not truly realize how these stories teach valuable lessons until he approaches his father and question him why he has told all of these "lies" to him for so many years. His stories are about how long ago as a young man he searched for life in a world that could never satisfy him. Due to his decisions, he was never live in the beautiful and perfect town of Specta. "Big Fish" tells a tale about a man's decision to leave society's dull expectations and chase his own adventure. In todays society we are drawn to a lifestyle of shortcuts and we forget that taking the long path in life may help you learn a few things as Edward explained through his tales to Will. .
             One of Edward's stories that taught Will a message was about what he went through to meet the girl he would eventually marry. It taught Will the value of perseverance because his father spent months just trying to figure out her name. Growing up in a society where everything is handed to most teenagers on a silver platter, most of us do not understand the importance of perseverance. In most cases, achieving something remarkable is not a walk in a park. It takes determination, soul and patience. Edward demonstrated how somethings can really be worth the wait. .
             Another tale that can be related to teenagers was the story about how Edward unexpectedly ran into the flawless town of Specta. Edward was blind to the beauty of the town of Specta and did not stay because he was chasing some other adventure. Sometimes in life things will unexpectedly come at you while you are searching for something else. In the tale, Edward says he will come back to the town one but when he does many years later Specta was bankrupt.

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