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respectful symbols

            In the book Bless Me Ultima, written by Rudolfo Anaya has many symbols and show why the story is important. The symbols of the golden carp, Ultima's owl and the Virgin of Guadalupe show how Antonio can try and make his decision to either follow the Luna or the Marez. The golden carp represents wisdom, comfort and moral guidance. Ulitma's owl represents life force and power of religious mysticism. Mysticism is the belief that God or spiritual truths can be known through individual insight, rather than by reasoning or study. The Virgin of Guadalupe represents forgiveness, understanding, and resolution of cultural conflict. .
             The golden carp offers religious tradition, but has valid moral lessons with reasoning. It has magical, religious order which is not connected with Catholicism. When Antonio first learns of the "carp" he rejects it because he thinks he is abandoning God by following a magical fish. Antonio wants to see the carp with Cico(83). Antonio sees the carp for the first time, "then the golden carp came at first I thought I must be dreaming"(113). This shows how powerful the carp is. A way that the carp expresses its moral lessons is, "and so the golden carp sent them a prophecy"(118).When Antonio sees the carp it gives him a sense of peace that Catholicism doesn't give him and it soothes him. Antonio later learns the carp can actually help draw cultural and religious sources to help him find answers.
             Ultima's owl represents Ultima's life source. The owl has the power of religious mysticism. The owl is always singing this represents a comforting presence in Antonio's life and a protective power of her magic. The owl sings, "at the big juniper tree where the hill sloped to the bridge I heard Ultima's owl sing. I knew it was her owl because it was singing in daylight" (56). Ultima's owl attacks the coyotes which are the Trementia girls(99), this shows how powerful Ultima is. Every time the owl sings it is a sign of fearlessness to Antonio.

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