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Dr. Seuss.

             Are his books only for children or are there social issues involved?.
             In the world of children's books, there are many well-known authors. I believe without any argument that Dr. Seuss is one of the most recognized authors. Dr. Seuss born as Theodor Seuss Geisel on March 2, 1904 lived until September 24, 1991 (Dobbs). The start of his career was not one that most people would think of when thinking of a famous author, who penned over 40 books. He got his start at the college of Dartmouth in 1921 as the editor of Jack O" Lantern, a humorous school magazine. Then in 1926 he sold his first cartoon, which encouraged him to moved to New York and start to working for the magazine Judge. He was contributing essays and cartoons to the publication. It was at the Judge where the pen name of Dr. Seuss was born. (Dobbs) During World War II, Mr. Geisel found himself working for the department of the Army creating training movies. Theodor took many things from that experience. One of the biggest, in my opinion, was to use his "gift" to comment on things around him. In many of Dr. Seuss" books he comments on social issues such as, politics, the environment, faithfulness of parents, persistence, and the importance of good moral fiber."(Levine).
             Dr. Seuss was concerned about politics and the way that they affected the world around him. This seems to be proven in 1984 when The Butter Battle Book was released. This is a very interesting book to have been written at the time because of the theme of the book. In the book Dr. Seuss uses two main groups. These two groups, the Yooks and the Zooks, are not fighting in a real battle; however, the threats are there. The leaders are planning for war. They both have this little weapon called the Bitsy Big Boy Boomeroo, which makes the other side cautious in what they do. Does that not sound like that was going on during the 1980's? When there was a lot of debate in the realm of politics with the government's build up of the military power for the cold war, and concern of a world war with the mutual assured self-destruction by nuclear weapons.

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