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The Lorax

            In the Cat in the Hat's "The Lorax," the Once-Ler is a green-handed creature so greedy with greed that he cut down all the Truffula Trees! Once-ler means one chance. One chance is all anyone gets when dealing with nature. The Once-ler took advantage of his surroundings and never let nature grow back. Once he cut down all the trees, he had no other resources to make his "company" continue to flourish. The Once-ler did not realize that once a tree is cut down, it takes many years for the tree to grow back. The Lorax tried to explain to the Once-ler that there are many dangers to cutting down all the beautiful trees in such a short amount of time. But the Once-ler was so wrapped up into what he was doing; he paid no attention to nature and how he was destroying all the surroundings, including the animals.
             There are many parallels between this story and our society today. For example, when a person moves into an area where no other human has lived and begins to urbanize the area, the animals have nowhere to live and are forced to move to a new area. Another example is when a person goes into a forest and chops down all the trees, like the once-ler, the area where the trees were is now barren. The trees don't have a chance to reproduce. When a tree is chopped down, animals are forced to move to a new area and find a new home. .
             In conclusion, Dr. Seuss did not just rhyme when he wrote this story. He was telling a story of our society today. He was telling children to take care of nature because if we continue to disrupt it, there will be no place for animals to live or trees to grow. Animals and trees help our society. The trees help us breath and give us clean oxygen. The animals help us by killing insects and keeping the population ratio at a constant. .

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