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Canadian Natural Resources

            Canada is the second largest country and it has abundant of natural resources. In particular, mining, forestry, and fishery. In this essay, it illustrates how mining and fishery is positive to Canadian and how forestry is negative to the environment, and how they all relates to Canadian's everyday life. There are jobs everywhere in Canada, but out of all those jobs, mining is the most.
             beneficial to Canadians. Firstly, 34% of Canada's Gross Domestic Product (GDP) comes from the mining industry, GDP is extremely important in Canadian's society, because GDP stands for the value of goods in many countries. In 2006, Canada's GDP is 1.165 trillion, thus if 34% of GDP comes from mining, which is worth 34 million, that includes the people that worked from mining and the goods that have been brought out to Canadians which made our country wealthier. It contributes to the economy by high tax incomes for states, increases the stock market and trading mining products to other countries such as the U.S. Mining also provides jobs to Canadians. 3% of Canadians are employed in mining. That would reduce Canada's unemployment rate, and it saves around 900 000 Canadian's lives by providing Canadians a stable career. Such as drilling and blasting which digging up minerals up to the ground for uses, geologist which research how mining work and how we can improve it, mining engineer which designs and build machines for mining, and etc. Finally, mining strengthens the economy by supplying valuable materials for Canadian's needs. There are 3 types of mining: 1.Strip mining 2.Open pit mining 3. Underground mining to bring the goods up, such as industrial minerals and fossil fuels such as gold, nickel, jewellery, gasoline, etc. It is surprising how important mining is to Canadians. It gives Canadians many goods such as employment and profitable objects. Mining is beneficial to Canadians and it also provides Canadians a good living.

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